Cobblestones and Pavers conjure images of a stone age- the days of elegant horse drawn carriages announcing a warm and welcoming arrival.

Wonder Rock flagstone are hand made specifically with South African lifestyles in mind- So whether you prefer to braai indoors and outdoors, or vice versa, our stones will simple stay in step.

Home, office and factory boundary and partitioning walls in response to our need for greater security, are getting higher and higher.With Wonder Rock, there’s now a wonderful solution to unsightly, bland walls.

Copings, with their non-slip surface, make for the right choice for swimming pools, atriums and garden pond surrounds.And all Wonder Rock classics are made to the highest quality specification.

The newest member of our group, but with a rhythm of its own, is no less a crowd pleaser. The Wonder Rock range of simulated stone tiles is growingin demand and continues to impress.